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Alternative forms



  1. A Roman numeral representing forty (40) in the (now non-standard) "additive" form; now replaced by the form XL.

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Etymology 1

From the (Australian) XXXX brand of lager, which was named after the practice of using X to indicate the strength of an alcoholic beverage, and which was advertised with the slogan "Australians couldn't give a XXXX for any other lager."




  1. (Bowdlerisation) A fuck / damn.
    • 1985 September 6, in the Times of London, quoted in 2009 by Jesse Sheidlower in The F-Word, page 269:
      Allied does not give a XXXX for Elders.
    • 1988 June 10, in the Guardian, quoted in 2009 by Jesse Sheidlower in The F-Word, page 269:
      Quite a few of the party's MPs don't give a XXXX for the whole affair .
    • 1996, in the December (1995) / January (1996) Arena, volume 59, number 1, quoted in 2009 by Jesse Sheidlower in The F-Word, page 269:
      Most of the world couldn't give a XXXX about it, something that has long rankled with the marketing men .


  1. ^ 2009, Jesse Sheidlower, The F-Word, page 269

Etymology 2

From X chromosome.


  • IPA(key): /kwɔˈdrupəlˌɛks/, /ˌɛksɛksɛksˈɛks/, /fɔːɹˈɛks/
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Proper noun


  1. Tetrasomy X, a rare chromosomal disorder affecting females, caused by the presence of four X chromosomes instead of two present in the usual human karyotype.

Etymology 3

From X (motion picture "adult" rating).




  1. X-rated, pornographic