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Proper noun


  1. A city, the county seat of Yuma County, in southwestern Arizona, United States.
  2. A city in Yuma County, Colorado, United States.
  3. An unincorporated community in Taylor County, Kentucky, United States.
  4. An unincorporated community in Carroll County, Tennessee, United States

Derived terms


Yuma (countable and uncountable, plural Yumas)

  1. The Quechan people and language




Borrowed from English Yuma, from the 1957 American western film 3:10 to Yuma. Possibly based on an already existing phonetic loan of English united ("yunay")


  • IPA(key): (everywhere but Argentina and Uruguay) /ˈʝuma/
  • IPA(key): (Buenos Aires and environs) /ˈʃuma/
  • IPA(key): (elsewhere in Argentina and Uruguay) /ˈʒuma/

  • Rhymes: -uma
  • Syllabification: Yu‧ma

Proper noun

Yuma f

  1. (Cuba, slang) United States of America


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