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Alternative forms



  • (UK) IPA(key): /əˈkɜː.sɪd/
  • (US) IPA(key): /əˈkɝ.sɪd/
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accursed (comparative more accursed, superlative most accursed)

  1. (prenominal) Hateful; detestable, loathsome.
    • c. 1789, William Blake, Tiriel:
      Accursed race of Tiriel. behold your father // Come forth & look on her that bore you. come you accursed sons.
    • 1819, Ivanhoe, Walter Scott, Chapter 35:
      Lo! they are charged with studying the accursed cabalistical secrets of the Jews, and the magic of the Paynim Saracens.
    • 1885, Richard F. Burton, The Supplemental Nights to the Thousand Nights and a Night, Night 532:
      [] Alaeddin ate and drank and was cheered and after he had rested and had recovered spirits he cried, "Ah, O my mother, I have a sore grievance against thee for leaving me to that accursed wight who strave to compass my destruction and designed to take my life. Know that I beheld Death with mine own eyes at the hand of this damned wretch, whom thou didst certify to be my uncle; []
  2. (theology) Doomed to destruction or misery; cursed; anathematized.


Derived terms




  1. simple past and past participle of accurse