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a- +‎ glitter



aglitter (not comparable)

  1. Glittering.
    • 1832 July, John Wilson, “Christopher at the Lakes”, in Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, volume 32, number 196, page 121:
      The grass must have been growing during the night, for it is tickling our bare ankles; and sure of all coolness, none so refreshing to the frame as that which follows one’s foot-prints on meadow aglitter with morning dews.
    • 1912, Mary Austin, chapter 4, in A Woman of Genius, Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Page, page 38:
      a light buggy, all aglitter from point to point of its natty furnishings, drew up at our gate
    • 1968, Samuel R. Delany, chapter 1, in Nova, New York: Vintage, published 2002, page 14:
      [] by now his black eyes were aglitter with stars.
    • 2008, Toni Morrison, A Mercy, New York: Knopf, page 89:
      The blacksmith was long gone, his ironwork aglitter like a gate to heaven.