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  • IPA(key): /əˈkaʊntəbl̩/
  • (file)


accountable (comparative more accountable, superlative most accountable)

  1. Obliged, when called upon, to answer (for one’s deeds); answerable.
    Every man is accountable to God for his conduct.
    You will be held accountable for your misdemeanors.
    • 2020 April 22, Philip Haigh, “Labour's blueprint for the future of Britain's railways”, in Rail, page 28:
      "Because the railway is economically and socially vital, it receives large amounts of public money and must therefore ultimately be accountable to government. [...]
  2. Obliged to keep accurate records (of property or funds).
  3. Liable to be called on to render an account.
  4. (rare) Capable of being accounted for; explicable; explainable.
    • 1703, Benjamin Whichcote, Moral and Religious Aphorisms:
      True religion . . . intelligible, rational, and accountable, -- not a burden but a privilege.


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