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From along +‎ side; compare alongsides.


The USNS John Lenthall (left) with the USS Harry S. Truman (right) coming alongside for a fuel replenishment.


alongside (not comparable)

  1. Along the side; by the side; side by side; abreast.
    Ahoy! Bring your boat alongside.


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  1. Side by side with.
    Synonyms: beside, next to, abreast of
  2. Together with or at the same time.
    The nurse worked alongside the doctor.
    • 2011 September 2, Phil McNulty, “Bulgaria 0-3 England”, in BBC:
      The Italian opted for Bolton's Cahill alongside captain John Terry - and his decision was rewarded with a goal after only 13 minutes. Bulgaria gave a hint of defensive frailties to come when they failed to clear Young's corner, and when Gareth Barry found Cahill in the box he applied the finish past Nikolay Mihaylov.
    • 2013 June 1, “Ideas coming down the track”, in The Economist, volume 407, number 8838, page 13 (Technology Quarterly):
      A “moving platform” scheme [] is more technologically ambitious than maglev trains even though it relies on conventional rails. Local trains would use side-by-side rails to roll alongside intercity trains and allow passengers to switch trains by stepping through docking bays.
    • 2019 October, John Glover, “Heathrow rail expansion”, in Modern Railways, page 71:
      Gatwick, on the other hand, is alongside the Brighton main line, with rail services both to the north (City and West End) and south.

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